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Hey everyone, sorry I havent updated my page. I sorta grew out of Dark Omen. Well thats ok cause Im back into it. If you want, then please feel free to email me at and/or ICQ me at ICQ# 60322546. If you want to play email me and Ill tell you some of my friends ICQs and/or emails. Bye for now (expect a new site url with a new name and everything later on this year)

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By the way, Dark Omen is really freakin old (I bet you know that) and well, thats about it, other then it is still a good game, if you play with out cheats.

Another great game I play (and kick ass in) is called Counter Strike (Half Life)and my name is Da-KiLLa-KaN so if ya ever see me, say hi!!!

One last thing, I will try to update this site as much as possible if I can find the time and Dark Omen Resources to do it.

C YA!!!


Human Army Add-On
More Humans For Dark Omen
Greenskin Army Add-On
More Greenskins For Dark Omen
Undead Add-On (My favorite)
More Undead For Dark Omen
A Dark Omen Demo
Dark Omen Demo
The Last Battle (The hardest youll ever play)
The Last Battle (Damn Hard)
Save Game Editor
Edit your Saved Games
Thorgrims Site
Thorgrims Site
The Book Of Wisdom
Dark Omen Site
Dark Omen
Dark Omen Site
Dark Omen Play Page
The Zone
The Zone Direct Play Page
Dark Omen Play Page (Click On "Strategy")
My Dark Omen Strategy Guide
If You Stink At Dark Omen Here Ya Go!!!

Dark Omen Cheats

Here are some codes that can be typed at the Main Screen (load/new..) Note -You should hear a sound so you know the code was typed in correctly. fudgeislush : Enables 'Troop Roster' Cheats, then press : CTRL-C & G to Add 1000 gc to cash. CTRL-C & T to Subtract 1000 gc from cash. CTRL-C & E to Increase selected unit's experience. CTRL-C & U to Make selected unit unbreakable in combat. (no obvious indication when it's done) dontmesswithme : Enables the following book cheats. CTRL-C & M - gives you the full quota of magic items. CTRL-C & F - gives every unit full XP. bringemon : Enables 'In Battle' Cheats, then : Hold CTRL to Enable selection of enemy units. FUN FUN FUN !!! (you can't tell them to charge to attack other enemy units but you can halt them in their tracks, cast their spells and fire their missiles !!! Muhahhahahaaaaa) Hold K while firing to make missile fire by selected unit 100% accurate ! Press W to Increase magic points to MAX ! looklively : ? Nothing obvious overbychristmas : Enables more In Battle Cheats. Allows you to use the F12 key to auto win any misson. (press once or twice). Make sure you don't use it on the last battle otherwise you'll miss the cutscene :( squarewindow : Places a magnifier at the top right of the screen. smeghead : Makes the 3D heads turn into pinheads! blackmarket : Makes magic items available in untlimited quantities in Multiplayer. Thanks to Jakub Gawry. bennyhill : Activate fast action battle mode. Especially fast for powerful processor comps. I think some of the 'unknowns' above affect the battles in certains ways. If you find out what they do, email me at thelivinggem : goto point in campaign. (At Great Forest 1 (just before wight battle)) handyman : goto point in campaign. (Point where you meet Urgat) ridethestorm : goto point in campaign. (Point where you meet Azguz the second time) youandi : plays cutscene then goes to a point in campaign. (Just before end mission) Ones with goto campaign put you in a position in the solo campaign with all the available troops/magicitems up to that point but with no XP. ohdear : plays movie - when you die. welcome : plays intro anim. groovetown : plays first mission movie. lightreading : plays Liber Mortis anim. smallpebble : plays Jewel Of Morrslieb anim. badbreath : plays Hand Of Nagash. whitegrail : plays Black Grail anim. atimetofight : plays Long March anim. wewontheday : plays movie, I guess this is the last movie. Don't get itchy fingers! credits : shows the credits.